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Saturday. 9.25.04 7:46 pm


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Liprings Are Sexy

i have two lip rings. Put your two index fingers together and put them against the middle of your lower lip. if you do that to me, the ends of your fingers would hit my two lip rings. I look kinda vampiric. o.o. . . wheee.

Meh- -finished piercing- Mother! Look!
Mother- -looks over. Pales- You look like a vampiric goth, Susan.
Meh- n.n thanks.

yeah.. i cant eat sandwiches and the like, cuz i cant open my mouth that much. -sniffles- it hoits... not like i'll get any sympathy from you LOSERS! :-P!

MoralParaplegic: Anyway, guess what?
juilliardrocks: whaat
MoralParaplegic: i have two lip rings now
juilliardrocks: seriouysly?
juilliardrocks: reall???
MoralParaplegic: yep
MoralParaplegic: did it myself
juilliardrocks: whoa
juilliardrocks: did it hurrt
MoralParaplegic: hell yeah
juilliardrocks: how much
juilliardrocks: like on 1 to 10
juilliardrocks: 1 not
juilliardrocks: and 10 OWWWWWW
MoralParaplegic: 10
MoralParaplegic: more like 20!
MoralParaplegic: <-- cant count :-D
juilliardrocks: ouch, dude
juilliardrocks: then why two?
juilliardrocks: why didnt you just do it once and stop?
juilliardrocks: does it hurt to eat?
juilliardrocks: to talk?
MoralParaplegic: i cant eat much
MoralParaplegic: it's not too bad to talk
MoralParaplegic: my mom said i looked like a satanic vampire
MoralParaplegic: and my dad doesnt care
juilliardrocks: ....and I sit here and stare at the screen as I wear a bow in my hair and a bright green colared prep shirt
juilliardrocks: and flip flops
MoralParaplegic: -laughs at her-
MoralParaplegic: I'm a ''goth''
juilliardrocks: and one of those cute rainbow belts
juilliardrocks: i know
juilliardrocks: one of my friends is going as a goth for halloween!
juilliardrocks: shes even preppier than me
juilliardrocks: im on the low end of the prep scale
juilliardrocks: everyone at my school is a prep.
MoralParaplegic: bleh
MoralParaplegic: be ORIGINAL!
MoralParaplegic: lmao
juilliardrocks: i tried
juilliardrocks: it ddint work
juilliardrocks: i do wear guuys shorts though
juilliardrocks: and no skirts
MoralParaplegic: says the girl with a fo hawk, two lip rings, and listening to Metallica
juilliardrocks: fo hawk?
juilliardrocks: YOU HAVE A FO HAWK??
MoralParaplegic: yep
juilliardrocks: how did dyou do that
MoralParaplegic: cut the hair on the top of my hair kinda short
MoralParaplegic: and i spike it up
juilliardrocks: whoa
juilliardrocks: gothic
MoralParaplegic: ><
MoralParaplegic: I'm not a sterotype

ahaha! I love her :-p! She's so weird. Her profile is just "Yell Douche In Your French Class!"

>_<;; that was really stupid of me.. so .... we'll just forget it happened.

GAH! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A PIC OF INOUE ORIHIME FROM BLEACH!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!? >_< I got asked to go to AnimeUSA with Onii-chan and I'm trying to do something easy and quick, cuz it's 28-30! >_

Okay, a pic of Orihime or Sarai (from the manga Sarai? DUH!)

pwease help... -sniff sniff-

i gotta go to my viola lesson. bye babes.

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Bad day at school. Do i ever get good days? I suppose I just don't notice when they're good. Ah well, i suppose it's all good..

It's just one of those {days}.

Myeh, here, I like this idea [Boycotts]

So. . . I shall do it. GLBT Ally.. I like that name! If you are GLBT, you know what it means! And if you're not, you're just like "wha...?"

GLBT - Gay , Lesbian , Bi-Sexual , Transgendered.

GLBT - Someone who is NOT GLBT, but supports it none the less. w00t. Ttthhaattsss ME!

w00t w00t. Kiss my ass homophobes.

God says homosexuality is wrong, right? But A) he gave us free will to decide who we are. B) I'm not giving them license, but King David married multiple women at the same time and he repented and God forgave him because of unconditional love. They repent and then that's just the type of person they are C) If you dont 'choose' to be gay. God made you like that. You might say that why would God make something he's damned but he still made Lucifer.

-smile- Don't start with me, assholes. ^_^

Y o u will NoT win.

I have to -sigh- go to the mall... bye bye :-(


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I Am Death and I'm On My Own / My Day Of Grey
I woke up on my grey-black sheets
Another day of same repeats
Sighed my way through morning meals
Then made my way to the streets

I dodge the ferries, the boats on wheels
Is this the way everyone feels?
I take my scythe and take a soul
Everybody calls me "the one who steals"

This is the way that I feel whole
Try and fill my empty soul
My hidden face in an old black hood
Walking the streets at a stroll

Did I get everyone I could?
With that thought, there I stood
I cant leave them to Famine, War, Disease
For I am death and I must be good

I can't relax and sigh at ease
I never sit and just be me
This isn't me, this isn't fair
That all day it's souls I see

They say the talent I have is rare
That I could kill people with a stare
So they sent me to Father Demise
And they left me in his care

He was a skull with piercing eyes
He had no time for telling lies
He called me kid, called me girlie
Just to see my glaring eyes

That's how he made me emotion free
That's how he made it souls I see
So when I'd lay awake at night
I'd wonder why it must be me

The burden I carry isn't light
But someone must do it and do it right
So this is me, the name without a home
This is me and this is my plight.

For I am always all alone
I must go where I am blown
From little kids to the old and prone
I am Death and I am on my own


My feet hit a stone, sending it skidding
along the path, sending birds upwardly flitting
Cold grey sky brings me down
To my footsteps on the ground
Just a worn out set of shoes
Over-worn and over-used
Faded white, and faded blue
Like a faded paper with forgotten news

Crunch, crunch, tap tap
As my feet hit the path
When I walk, I walk alone
Every step stands on it's own
School skirt blowing around my knees
Someones talking, makes me freeze
Skirts still blowing in the breeze
As I stand between the trees

They pass me by, the strangers who
Would never notice what I do
They don't care who I am
I am nothing to people like them
So I carry on about my way
Another time, the same old day
This is my morning, of faded grey
Another day through which I stray

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--.-- it\'s 4:35, tuesday morning... gggrrrrrrrr!
waaah! I'm awake, i dun wanna be awake! I'm gonna be uber tired.. but if i go bad to sleep now, i'll be more uber tired!

TT___TT... -sobs into a pillow-

It's not tooo bad though. cuz instead of going to school at 6:50, i get dropped off at Liz's house at 7 and i chill with her until HER friend comes and picks us up, around 8. 1 hour and 10 mintes with my Michael!! Yay! :-D! Then school. -.- ugh.

-shudder- oh well! I shalt survive! Why? because it's lame not too! indeediedo.

hey.. i'm pawels hero..

apparently not..


no, we haven't talked in age. Aww, he actually noticed! Wow! I'm SO proud of him.

Okay, that was mean, i need to stop. -turns on the Zombie Song from Hellsing- For all of you who dont know what part it's from, i think it's when Yan attacks Hellsing.. with the AWESOME Zombies! ahaha!

o.O don't kill me, i'm not a zombie. I'm just a school girl... is there a difference?

School Girl Vs. Zombie.

From my awesome Kyle, though I don't know why he's up :

AngelOfHell0: Zombie wins. And then they go into some hentai action. . . why didn't i think of this before! :-p

lmao. My cat's a fucktard. He's decided the wall isnt REALLY there and just basicly ran into it. lmaoo...... this is funneh, but disturbing at the same time.

can you tell i'm bored? and tired? very tired? and very bored? can ya, huh huh huh?!?!?

-breathes- meh gonna.... meh gonna humbug around and make myself some tea. then i'm gonna get dressed...


Thats right folks! :-D! Only blog where you learn about my panties! The undies are blue, the bra is black, the blanket i have loosely wrapped around is green and my arm warmer/wrist cover is blue with white seagulls ( i luff it to pieces).

:-D! if that doesn't give you a boner, nothing can. ^_~ Just Playing!!

^_~<3!!! Lemme a COMMENT!!!!!!!!

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it was like... sextilating
Sunday, 9/19/04
Garydwnlds: *considers geek humor*
Garydwnlds: think about it
BluBerryEyeLiner: -eeps-
Garydwnlds: Hard Drive
Garydwnlds: Floppy Disk
BluBerryEyeLiner: =-O
BluBerryEyeLiner: that's lame :-P
Garydwnlds: And in south africa, the smaller new 3 1/4" disks were called
Garydwnlds: Stiffy Disks
Garydwnlds: like
Garydwnlds: wtf ><
BluBerryEyeLiner: :-D
Garydwnlds: Stiffy disks -_-
Garydwnlds: who thought up these names!
BluBerryEyeLiner: Bill Gates
Garydwnlds: oh! let us not forget "Slave" and "Master"
BluBerryEyeLiner: being balantly obvious and sexually tilting

Anyway! How is y'all today? Well, I'm getting bitched at by an asshole who. . . (see near the first posts). . . yep. Someone needs to castrate him. Any volunteers? I'd send Kyle, seeing as he's made it his personal goal to beat the motherfucking crap out of anyone who does shit to me. . . >_< Like I can't take care of myself. . .


Okay, I can't really. But hey, I can pretend! ^o^ Work with meh people!

Anyway, Anna has gone back to college, but I had an awesome day today! My mother wasn't with us at Church, so I didnt have to listen to her mutter about shit. >_<

anyway, I went to the Book Festival yesterday.. saw some neat shit... I bought 4 awesomith pins!!

1. Military Intelligence is a contradiction in terms.
2. First they came for the communists, and I did not speak up because I was not a communist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak up because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics and I did not speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak up.
3. The Truth undergoes 3 stages. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third is is considered self-evident.
4.It will be a great day when the Education System has all the money it needs and the pentagon has to have it's budget approved by the voters.

^O^ They rock. and I got 2 pins with 'Believe' written on them, one in Korean and one in German (I can't remember). If you're not a Baltimoron, B-lieve is the slogan to try and get people to move into the city and help clean it up. ^.^ Random, but oh so sexitilating.

-dances to Hellsing Soundtrack-

In the name of God,
impure souls of the living dead
shall be banished
into eternal damnation.
<-- Hellsing Slogan thing.

Everyone should see Hellsing. It's awesome shit. VICTORIA SERAS IS MY HERO! YEAH!

Anyway, I shalt be off...doing something.. like.. um... practicing meh viola.. ^_^...and maybe doing homework.. not that I can remember if i HAVE any!

eh heh?

molest me... i love to be molested.... >_<

^_~<3 Lemme a comment DAMN YOU!

The only thing that gets me bye
The only drug that gets me high
The only relief I get past weeping
The only ease I get past sleeping
The only thing that keeps me going
Is living with the safety knowing
You will never be happy

You ask me if I enjoyed it then
You pull back and go in again
Never mind my screaming shouts
Pain, rage and even doubt
Float inside my troubled mind
Kills me slowly in it's bind

I blame myself now, for your theft
Right wrist bleeding, then the left
I left my secret in your hands
Stole my dignity and cast it to sand
Now I see your face, you're grinning
Happy to know that you are winning

I know it's me, I blame myself
You lock me away upon the shelf
A treasure room of broken dolls
One by one the pieces fall
But I have glue you can not burn
I found people I could never earn
So now I know I found my soul
Used ducktape to make it whole
So I'm the girl you tried to steal
But now I know, you were never real.

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