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Sunday Morning (2:41)
watching: Everyones IM windows blink cuz I'm ignoring them
listening to: Midnight by Trans-Siberan Orchestra (TSO)
mood: Tired e.e

And in the dark, he sits alone
To watch his final hours bleeding
And unconcerned upon the wall
The clock, it ticks away the time

No need for words
For in the dark, all words have long since lost their meaning
Still when they whisper in his ear
He tries to read between the lines

I'm confused.. or as Psychic Girl would say "Cornfruzzled!" >_< Gotta be the stupidest phrase out there...

But someone half-left a comment of 'Thought provoking ending there" Bad memories -.- And I'm guessing it might be Pawel or.. someone... But I don't know.. I don't understand it.. >< CONFUZZLED!

Oh well... I got 201.56 cents for caddying! I originally got 200 bucks plus 10 bucks in tips, but I spent the 10 and found 1.56! W00t for meh! Lotsa manga I'm supposing.. or something. -shrugs softly- Anyway, I think I might have to wear the skintight jean thing tomoro... the lace..not my style, ya know? >_< According to Liz I 'have a style'. Red shirt with drapey sleeves is 'not my style'...What the fuck. WHY DO PEOPLE KNOW THINKS ABOUT ME THAT I DO NOT! Curse it!

"Hey, are you two twins?" (about meh and Sarah)
No miss

"Aw, you girls twins?"
Just sisters, miss

"Wow, what 2 pretty red head girls"
-reachs for spork-
-the man wanders off confused-

GAAAAAAAH! Do I look like Sarah? With my hair in a ponytail and with glasses, maybe, but other than that, NO! You think the lip ring would tip 'em off! Probably too blind to know what color their skin is. Fuck them >_<

What I see, what I feel
in your heart
All your dreams, all your lies
Can you tell them apart?

See the hands on the clock
Are you watching them turn?
For your candles quite low
We've been watching it burn!

Anyway, talked to.. Tony online, Edun, Gideon, Catherine, Tyson, dunno-her, Jason (ALFREDO!) and Collin at Edun's bar mitzvah. That was funny shit. There was some whiskey and meh and Tyson took some and started drinkint the shots.

Tyson- This takes like shit
Meh- Yep
Both- -downs two more-

Garydwnlds: oh fuck
Garydwnlds: burning stuff
Garydwnlds: not good
BluBerryEyeLiner: >_< probably not

Thinking is an overrated concept online, like counting at work and clothing at the dinner table! Well, the clothing thing is my fault.. -giggles-

Meh- -comes down in a towel with white gloves on-
Meh Dad- -looks at me and puts his head in his hand- Oh Gah..

:-D A couple of days ago. That was really weird.. I love scarring my dad! He's so spiffy and fun to torment! -dances-

Meh- Dddaddddy... can I have a collapsible rocket launcher?
Dad- Within the week

Meh- Daddddyyy
Dad- Whatever it is, no
Meh- Can you drive me downtown?
Dad- No!
Meh- Pplleeaasseeee
Dad- -sighs- get your coat

Meh- Daddy!
Dad- Oh dear. What do you want?
Meh- How conditional is unconditional love?
Dad- It stops at felonies
Meh- Shit.

Dad- ..not going to ask.. IN THE BASEMENT!

Meh- -walks by in thigh high tights, supergirl undies, high gloves, goggles, a plug-in cord strapped to meh ass and a green nightie-
Dad- ..she could have been a boy...

Meh- Daddy, when we're in London, I need to buy a dress.
Dad- -chokes on coffee, spewing it all over the other two empty seats- A WHAT?!
Meh- --.-- Underneath all this, I am a girl you know! And 'sides, Mother says I need one for confirmation
Dad- Oh, for a moment, I thought you were, realizing your gender or something like that
Meh- How absurd

Dad- -silently weeping-

Meh- Yeah, I owe you 189 bucks for all the anime in total
Dad- I need to get you the bumpersticker "Anime = Crack would be cheaper"

Meh- Daddy, what would you do if I became a lesbian?
Dad- Who would tell the difference?
Meh- :-O! DADDY!
Dad- I'm kidding.

Meh- How many laws to thermotechnics are there?
Dad- -goes into this huge speech-
Meh- o.o;; how many?
Dad- 32

Meh and Dad- -having a debate on the greater other, Steinback or Tolstoy (him Steinback, meh Tolstoy)-
Mother- George, do remember how old our daughter is.
Dad- ...12?
Meh- 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dad- Right, anyway, have you finished War and Peace yet?

Dad- Well, I found out about the V2's while looking up rocket fuel
Meh- O.o;; only you Daddy
Dad- -evil smile-

Dad- Yeah, you sit there with your kid and listen to them randomly bitch in nonsensical sylabels and then you here "DADA!" And you go "SAY IT AGAIN, SAY IT AGAIN!" and they kind of blankly stare at you.

Meh- -on cellphone to meh dad- Daddy....
Dad- What have you done? One moment
Meh- Ehh... okay
Dad- Okay, I'm back. I had to check the white house was still intact
Meh- HEY!

Meh- Daddy! There's a DOLL on my BED! REMOVE IT!
Dad- Are you sure you're a girl?
Meh- I havent checked recently, maybe I'm lying -sarcasm-
Dad- You do that

Meh- Daddy, there's blood all over the floor
Dad- Every house member accounted for?
Meh- Ha ha, I mean, i'm bleeding
Dad- WHAT!?!?!
Meh- I thought you don't like blood... i accidently cut my arm.. and it's bleeding... and I'm scared Daddy
Dad- I don't like blood, but I love you and am your father! -starts working on cleaning it up-

(^ isn't he spiffy ^)

Meh- 'morning.. -grumble grumble-
Dad- -takes hand, checks wrists- Morning
Meh- >o< You LOSER!
Dad- Well, I am your father.

Meh- Daddy, can I have a-
Dad- No, the answer is no. now what did you want?

:-D That's my DADDY! Smart, British, spiff-spacular Daddy. Beats my Mother, 2000000000(more 0's) to 1! ^^;

Do you lie here awake
As the shadows look on
Should they cry for your sake?
Should you sleep in their arms?

Anyway.. off to go wrap up my wrist or something... Lemme a Comment


For the shadows see all
And they rarely forget
All the dreams that you've had,
Every act you regret!

"But someone half-left a comment of 'Thought provoking ending there" Bad memories -.- And I'm guessing it might be Pawel or.. someone... But I don't know.. I don't understand it.. >< CONFUZZLED!" You have chosen...poorly. Not me.
» Pawel ( on 2004-08-23 01:53:55

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[url=http://pruchtabrekar.blogspot.com/2012/02/for-start-chiropractor-is-doctor.html]For a start, a chiropractor is a doctor ...[/url]



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